You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

About the change and why there is no development without itwhy we need it

In my opinion there are two basic reasons for somebody to search for a change.
The first of them is to overcome a feeling of dissatisfaction with a situation.
The second one is to realize the level of his abilities in life while using his potential to the maximum.

Many people postpone the unleash of their potential for a later period of their lives when they suppose some circumstances will appear arranged in a way that will allow us finally to shine.
Until this happen everything else is a rehearsal for the better version of our lives. I think the feeling of dissatisfaction appears when the rehearsal continues over time for too long. All of us become very good at rehearsing.
We admire the successful people around but we are still not ready for our potential success. Unless we learn to cultivate and focus our vital energy on one goal, we will always stay at the level “rehearsal” for an upcoming bright future.

It is already proven that we do not use 100 % of our brains, of our imagination, of our inspiration, of our spiritual power.

I am curious to realize what the living will be if we use all of these resources close to their maximum level.
One of the ways to do this is to provoke ourselves. The spiritual master Osho used to say that an intelligent man should be able to provoke himself because the provocation is a way to get the potential from himself.
Another way is to wait for the circumstances to become really unbearable and then, without an exit, to start to explore our humans` potential in order to save ourselves from the restricted situation.

Some time ago I was convinced that people in Bulgaria do not have a choice and in America or somewhere else obviously they have.
But we are the same people everywhere with the same right to be happy and be satisfied with our lives.
I understood that the good life does not depend on the location on the map.
The good life depends on the way we use our precious resource `vital energy` and the direction we have chosen for it consciously.
The following situation is just not possible: only people in America for an example have the right to be satisfied and to enjoy success or if you prefer in other words to have the right to dream and to make a dream come true.
All of us when we are on Earth have the same right. We just have to develop the necessary level of maintenance of our own energy potential.

There is a way to reconsider the energy condition of everyone with a purpose to improve it to such an extent that the energy condition will not be an obstacle but will serve the expression of the potential.

The good energy condition of a man or a woman generally includes:
• Clarity of consciousness;
• Focus of the energy on such things which are good for us, which give us development and satisfaction;
• Expression of own individuality without censorship;
• Fulfilling our own desires, not outside;
• Complete energy exchange with a partner.

I would like to share with you my list of reasons for which it is good for us to make a change.

It is necessary to change ourselves….:

• In order to get out from us our potential;

• In order to become a better version of ourselves;

• In order to become the person we dream to be;

• In order to have things which we have never had before but we dream to have;

• In order to participate in the progress of the society with new, useful, unique ideas;

• In order to gain self-respect as well as the respect from the others;

• In order to experimentalize and in this way to come to know the Life and the World;

• In order to find new ways for expressing ourselves;

• In order to improve our models of thinking, working, loving, living, creating;

• In order to meet new interesting people /on the new road/;

• In order to become ourselves;

• In order to become interesting in the eyes of others /including a partner/ while meeting us on their ways;

• In order to become interesting in our own eyes;

• In order to feel ourselves as a whole together with the World and not to fight the World;

• In order to feel again what is to be inspired, excited, curious, happy, grateful, in love with the miracle of Life;

• In order to live the life that we want to live.

The application of the esoteric knowledge helps us on the matter of the change by giving us new points of view and new organization of our vital powers and energy, so that we can make our dream come true, to achieve our goal.

I wish everyone to find his own inspiration for a change, because the most interesting part of your life is ahead.

Ivana Kambusheva
Founder of The Amethyst Of Merlin

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