People need to have a mission. If they have it, everything else becomes unimportant and possible to be overcome.

~ Maria Montessori


Except in cases of severe loss, depression is generally due to a lack of meaning. The subject of the meaning is delicate, since each person has his own way and consequently finds his own meaning walking on it. Therefore, the approach to a person with depression is good to be individual. The purpose of working with him will be to help him find his own unique sense.

Very often people with depression are passive both in terms of physical movement - sports, and in terms of undertaking new activities related to work, interests, learning, in general - development. Whatever is the reason to make them passive, it is good for them to be encouraged to be active. To begin with, the most appropriate activity would be to do something for someone, i.e. the person with depression to try to be useful and to help someone else. This help usually returns the enthusiasm of living and is the first step towards finding the individual meaning.

The next step to overcome depression is a purposeful work to recall dreams suppressed in the mind. Usually behind the mask of depression there is a well-hidden unrealized creative potential. What stops the person from using it is fear - conscious or not - of how he will survive without the security he has been accustomed to. This stage of working with people with depression is the most difficult and very slow because of people's reluctance to overcome their fears. And without overcoming them, there is no way to express the human potential of doing a variety of useful things in the world.

In my opinion, at this stage, man needs examples in order to become inspired. I recommend reading autobiographies of persons from the World`s and Bulgarian`s history and business, of personalities who have changed first themselves and then the World. Examples are needed to prove that life is possible and is happening even outside the so called safe conditions. Even more, man can grow only while he is going through the challenges of insecurity.

What I strongly recommend for a man is to start searching for examples and inspiration from real living people around. It is very likely, first, to find out that there are not such people, and then to discourage himself. When we do not see impressive or more charismatic persons around us, that's because we are not at the right place! We need to let the longing for new people lead us to places we have never been before.

The real overcoming of depression is happening at the moment when the person sets a long-term goal, and not any kind of goal, but professional.

The role of the target is very important, as it gets out the person of the stupor and gives an individual meaning of life.

Achieving a goal is a process that requires a new organization of the day time, new way of thinking and, last but not least, new friends.

Gradually, the state of depression becomes incompatible with the strategy to achieve the goal. It is important to note that the goal is the result of recalling a suppressed dream, the result of rediscovering the vocation of the true self. Only such a goal could give a profound meaning to life and work every day.

Next step or more precisely a parallel step in cases of overcoming depression is to help the person to stick to ethics and morality by working for the purpose, as well as exercising to believe in himself and to believe in others. Rebuilding trust in life is the most important thing happening on the way to one goal. I do not think that it is possible for somebody to regain trust in life in terms of passivity.

The good things about the goal is that achieving it requires a change or directly a transformation of the old person into a new one - better, brighter, more talented. At the subconscious level we all want this and we rarely find anyone to encourage us. In fact, it will be enough to encourage us by ourselves. If this level of awareness is reached, the depression is definitively defeated.

Ivana Kambusheva - Iva

Founder of The Amethyst of Merlin

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