Friends are enemies sometimes, and enemies friends.

~ Rumi

How to accept easierthe minuses in life

Imagine a battery and how at each end has a pole - plus and minus. In order to flow the current must pass through the two different poles of the battery. If they are the same, nothing will happen. There will be no electricity flow.

The same process is being monitored so that human life can also flow. The proverb Blessing in disguise expresses precisely this law that without minus there is no plus. They just work together because they are parts of one whole.

As if we all understand better the pluses in life, and the minuses remain somehow misunderstood. Also remain underestimated. That is why I will give them the due respect in this article.

Let`s think about the following: When does a man undertake brave actions? When there is nothing to lose. When is he going to think smart and fast? When he is in a critical situation. When does he consciously focus and use wisely powers and resources? When he is under pressure of circumstances and time; When he is in a situation we would describe as negative and it is necessary to act despite the difficulties, the fears and the limitations. Because when a person is happy, he does not need to do fast anything new and make important strategic steps at all. Rather, then he tries not to shake the happy calm position in order not to spoil it.

The most important lessons we receive in periods of minus when the frustration does not give us peace. That is when we develop valuable qualities such as courage, determination, stubbornness, endurance. We find our strengths, because without them we will not just handle it. It is distinctive for these periods that during them it becomes clear to us who is our real friend and who is not. That is to say we get clarity except about ourselves and also about the others around us. We learn how to help ourselves and how to get support from others.

What happens in times of happiness or so-called plus? Then we have apparently already managed to apply the developed features of the minus period in a way that has produced a positive result. We already have experience and new resources that we can share with others. Ie. we can already be useful, to be a powerful side both in work and in love. Let us not forget the inspiration that radiates from us in abundance, and which we impart as impulse to someone who needs it at this moment.

Both the minus and the plus are equally important and equally large for both a battery and the development of one person. If you have not worked for a long time just for food, you will never enjoy your favorite job, which gives you much more. You just cannot get to your favorite job without getting ready for it before. Being good at something is impossible without developing at the same time qualities in yourself. The best school for this was the difficult period, so called minus. Strong surge emerges in oppressed and difficult moments. Good ideas come to people who are making efforts not to get discouraged.

As you see, the two poles plus and minus work together for the man, and none of them works against the man even when the opposite appears to be the case.

If you think that this article may be useful to someone somewhere at this moment who needs courage, share it. Thank you.

Wishing you to discover new strengths in yourself,

Ivana Kambusheva
Founder of The Amethyst of Merlin

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