Man consists of two parts, his mind and his body, only the body has more fun.

~ Woody Allen

How to find the balance betweenphysical and emotional health

We are all educated to give priority to the physical health. When someone celebrates his birthday, the first thing we wish him is: Be healthy, and everything else will be done. We are so accustomed to hearing that even as if we really expect everything else to be done like with a magic wand. It is important to be healthy and vigorous, of course, but we must realize that nothing will happen like with a magic wand without efforts. I heard somewhere someone saying that in order to make something to happen there should be a strategy. It seemed to me important and I wrote it down. And here it is.

The strategy for our lives is largely related to our emotional health. In my opinion, we all have a lot to do in order to enrich our culture in this aspect - to be emotionally healthy.

We are brought up to connect our personal lives with other people. What does it mean? That we expect these other people to be a major source of our happiness and emotional health. If we rely too much on them, we run the risk of burdening them with a responsibility that does not belong to them, but to us. The key to a more balanced life is within us - this is the change of our point of view for the so-called personal life. Your personal life includes yourself!

Balanced personal life is precisely a balance between our physical and emotional health. Achieving it is a whole strategy. The strategy for life is made from inside, no one outside will do it better than you. I mean a strategy for personal self-expression. These are the things that make you happy, charged, inspired. If necessary, include the financial aspect, ie how to find the money that would allow you to do things that make you happy, charged, inspired.
A strategy can be made for everything in life. Most importantly, someone not to stand without a strategy, because then nothing new, interesting and exciting will happen to him. Make a list, for example, of things you can sell in order to get finances. Make a second list of things that need finances and which are related to your interests, dreams, goals. Make a third shortened final list of things that are really your interests, dreams, goals. The determination of what you really want is closest to your emotional health. When you get closer to it, you are actually getting closer to yourself, and you will imperceptibly become a person with a goal. Defining a goal is the best medicine for healing all the states of dissatisfaction.

Now is the turn of my favourite author Vadim Zeeland who explains how, after setting a goal and going to it, one meets everything that is important to his life, his happiness, including loved ones. I strongly recommend if having time to read his books or to listen to him on the internet. And for those of you who have no time, I can summarize - today's esoteric knowledge is unanimous about how important it is for a person first to find himself, ie what he wants to do, and as a result on the way he encounters all the opportunities for personal self-expression.

By the way, I strongly recommend Vadim Zeeland's books to everyone, not just to those who are still looking for themselves. I recommend them also to those who are convinced that they are already at the right place and are already doing the right thing. You will surely find in them inspiration for something new and exciting to enrich your life or you can give them to your loved ones to enrich their lives.

Wishing you new inspirations on the way,
Ivana Kambusheva
Founder of The Amethyst of Merlin

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