Caring for yourself should start from the heart, otherwise no cosmetics will help.

~ Gabrielle Chanel

What do we know aboutfulfilling our desires

Everything starts with one desire. Once we feel it, we are no longer the same. We have become people with a purpose.

Do we feel respect to our desires or suppress them with the help of our internal censorship? How many suppressed desires have been in us, does anyone count them? Do you think that they are dying in oppression or just hiding somewhere deep and going into a regime - might be worth surviving in this man, he could ever think of us?

All our desires are as alive as we are and have their own energy. They may have their own story too if we allow us to follow them. Do we know at all what the man is composed of, what energies he has within himself, and where they can take him? We're about to understand.

In Esoteric knowledge - the knowledge about the worlds of humans - it is said that there is no casual desire. Once it appears in a man, it will have a role in his life. In the best case the desire will happen, but even just to walk along the way, trying to fulfil it, this will give us a valuable experience that we cannot acquire otherwise.

So, do we censor our desires or give them life to be themselves?

I emphasize that I am talking here about desires which still come from ethics and morality, because for a desire to make sense it is important to develop the person, to develop his life.

Because of this characteristic - to develop us - the path to desire often occurs to be unknown and difficult, ie. as if it is a challenge to our abilities.
Can you imagine what it would be if our desires came true immediately? How would we develop any qualities and become good in some professional area? It is simply impossible.

The conclusion for me is that if one wants to develop a number of qualities and acquire some experience, he will have to follow the desire of his heart. When he looks at the desire seriously, it becomes a goal.

It is no coincidence that in my method for analyzing the feeling of dissatisfaction with life I emphasize on the definition of a purpose. When we follow a goal, we are developing towards this goal. Otherwise, what would our development take for a direction? And how do we find that we have become better than before?

The topic on goal is as important as to have the life we ​​want.
When a person does not follow a desire or a defined goal, he does not know where it would be good to go, what would be good to do, in which direction to focus his power.
I think that this uncertainty eventually leads sooner or later to forms of depression, anxiety, a feeling that everyone lives their lives and he stands and simply does not participate in it. To take an active part in life, it is good to pursue a goal. Or, if you are scared by this word, replace it with a desire or a dream.

For a desire to have the power to happen, we must pay attention to the following conditions:
- Desire should come from ethics and morality, for example - not wanting anything that is already of another;
- To believe that our dream is not accidental and if it is given to us, it is important for our development;
- We have to be ready to help other people to achieve their dream, because we will also need help to make our dream come true. Thus, we will learn how to help each other, and namely, our society needs mutual help;
- We have to accept the desire as it is, not to censor it, change it, and so on. Its role is to develop us exactly in a certain direction in which our birth power on Earth is. I think that in order to unleash the potential, a man has to follow a clear direction. We cannot be good in all areas, we have to choose one and direct our vital energy there.

As a conclusion, I would like to add that our parents have not been educated to have this kind of thinking and therefore they do not have it. But this fact should not stop us because I notice the same trend everywhere in the world not only in Bulgaria. People begin to explore their inner world and accept it as it is without censorship. I am very inspired by having now the opportunity to trace the lives of many interesting successful people from around the world by reading their stories - how they have created the life they want. I do not believe that they have started under better conditions than ours in Bulgaria.

It is no coincidence that we are here, not somewhere else. This means that only here we can develop the necessary qualities and develop ourselves in a way that is intended for us. The Master Peter Deunov has always said in his lectures that it is a privilege for one soul to be born in Bulgaria. We have a lot of work here. But in order to complete it properly, let's learn to operate with our energy corectly. Let's not waste it. I believe that Bulgaria is already a place where one can afford to have a goal, a dream, a desire.

Let our dreams not to die together with us. Let's understand the story of our desires by allowing us to follow them.

The motto I have chosen to accompany the activities of The Amethyst of Merlin is not accidental: The most interesting part of your life is ahead!
And what are we supposed to believe is ahead?

And keep looking for inspiration because it is the key to our complete life.

Ivana Kambusheva

Founder of The Amethyst of Merlin

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