The mind of a person who does things in this world is mobile, light and powerful. The most beautiful things under the sun are those from which any excess weight has been removed.

~ Henri Ford

Six steps formore energy and awareness

The consultations on increasing vital energy aim to increase the ability to manage our vital forces and energy.

When a person is in a state of good vital energy, he sees clearly, has his purpose, and manages his energy consciously; he believes in himself, knows what he wants, comes from ethics and morality, wants to help others and himself.

Moving through the six steps of the method involves awakening of the consciousness. Awakened consciousness needs focusing on an important life goal around which our development is taking place.

This is a process that takes some time and is often associated with the need to change yourself. The change is related to a new state of awareness that allows the full use of vital forces and energy.

The method is simple and accessible to anyone who needs to work on their realization in a life or professional field.

Step 1

Where does my energy go, why isn`t it enough and what is the reason?

In order to go through the first step I prepared a list of possible reasons /40 in number/ which drain the vital energy.
The importance of this step is in the following: often people don`t recognize their dream, mission, gift or their purpose because of the low state of their energy. The low state of energy doesn`t allow them to be able to see.
The most important above all is the following: together with the leakage of our vital energy, the joy of life leaks too.

In summary: the first step shows why is a person in a low state of energy at the present moment?

Step 2

What to do in order to make the state of my vital energy higher?

The list of reasons from step 1 has already shown the personal specific points of leakage. It is necessary to focus on them during step 2.

The other main thing here is the following: the attention has to change its focus gradually from the leakage points to energy sources which charge us with energy.

For this reason I prepared an Energizing table. Everybody can find in it his personal specific energy sources and even to complete the table.

Our purpose here is to make the state of vital energy higher.

Step 3

What do I want?

In order to feel yourself and your life it is necessary to raise the level of your vital energy. In short – to clear your mind /step 2/.
During step 3 you are able to give an expression to a desire and when you are ready the desire will become a purpose.
You will be sure that this desire is coming from you, not from somebody else /parents, society, etc./.
Of course, it is important to respect ethics and morality.
At this step you feel yourself aware, brave, full with energy and inspiration.

Step 4

My energy is only mine.

During step 4 we create an individual mode of self-discipline, so that your energy is not allowed to be wasted in an unnecessary way.

The main task here is your energy to be gradually focused in the direction you have chosen.

Step 5

Law of rhythm

This is the Cyclicality Law or in simple terms this is the law of inevitable periods of rise and fall.
It is necessary for a person to be aware during step 5 of certain basic spiritual laws which accompany everything in life without an exception.
The law of rhythm concerns every step up here.
To explore these regularities helps us to be more calm and aware.
And the most important - helps us not to give up our goal.

Step 6

What to do when the inevitable period of fall has come?

All of us go through it.
This is the moment to rely on our spiritual resistances.
This is the time when we realize how strong we are.
It will be necessary to renew some of our personal qualities in order to prepare ourselves for the inevitable period of rise.
Every part of the process of our growth is equally important.
It is necessary during step 6 to learn to believe in ourselves.

Information on the prices of the consultations on increasing vital energy

I start the cycle of consultations with step 1 - free.
You can take an advantage of the first step by sending me your e-mail address, without a commitment to follow the next steps. Your personal data will be processed confidentially.

You will receive the list of 40 possible reasons which drain the vital energy.
Try to make your own considerations on the reasons after finding out which is valid for you and which is not.

If you need to follow the next steps, as well as to receive an advice on the step 1, the price of a consultation is 20 BGN /10 EUR/ for 1 hour.

In order to attend a consultation, it is necessary to book an appointment in advance.

I will highly appreciate and I will be grateful to receive your questions, opinions and thoughts on my e-mail
Also, you can send me a message by using the form on the website.

I wish you joy and inspiration,

Ivana Kambusheva - Iva
Founder of The Amethyst Of Merlin

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