If a man has no purpose, a promised land to which he aspires, he begins to perish.

~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Ivana Kambusheva - Iva - Author andconsultant on personal development

How can I help you:

  • Consultations on managing and focusing the vital energy;
  • Seminars on Goal and Transformation;
  • Learning and applying important vital forces in human such as imagination, faith, consciousness, intuition;
  • Articles about inspiration and courage on the way to our dreams;
  • Stories about the Past, Stories about contemporary Sofia - The translation in English will be made soon

How did all begin?

The decision of my soul for me has been to be born in Bulgaria in 1979 in Varna.

My childhood passed in Targovishte where I received very precious life lessons about human love and kindness.

When I took in my hands my diploma in Economics at Ruse University followed by the diploma at Plovdiv University I understood that I will have livelihood but not this sense of satisfaction which is familiar to people who are dedicated with love to their work. The reality however was stronger than me then and I took it into account for the whole 13 years of my life.

Thanks to the lectures of the Spiritual Master Peter Deunov and Yoga I managed to keep this sense that there is reasonableness in life and also nothing is accidental, a feeling that I have to trust the way which my soul has chosen for me. At one point, the topic of human potential and why it seems suppressed in Bulgaria started not to give me peace. Isn`t the Universe arranged and as a result hasn`t the soul chosen the right place? I'm tired of reading about people abroad who love their work and everyone around me still explaining how this is impossible here, because survival is the first goal. I have gone through many attempts to accept such a situation without success.

My Six-step method of increasing vital energy or increasing the ability to manage vital forces and energy is created almost alone as a tool by which one can try to help to himself, to gain strength in the process of survival and to set a goal.

I do not believe in diplomas and certificates. I think that one idea or a goal is stronger than them.

I believe that a human can create himself by his own efforts, can raise his own culture, knowledge, experience and so infinitely.

Life does not issue certificates for achieving a human goal or for a realized idea. The reward for this is the gratitude of our heart, which fulfills its mission fully - to lead man, to give him faith, courage and love on his way.

I tried to make the method as pragmatic and realistic as possible, while at the same time giving depth of the vision of life. Seeing Reason is a mandatory condition for a person to find the meaning of his life and work. Generally speaking, the method aims to clear consciousness from distracting factors, so that the vision will happen. Seeing a direction is a turning point, because one already has an understanding of why he is on Earth. And the difficult living conditions are like a springboard for pushing to the other possible opposite - prosperity. Another word for this process is transformation.

Thus, the idea of ​​the seminars on Goal and Transformation appeared.

And that's just the beginning ...

A Brief History of The Amethyst of Merlin

The Amethyst of Merlin LTD is an organization in Sofia since the beginning of 2017 with its own concept for increasing vital energy, for the fullest use and deployment of human potential.

To begin with, the first activity is related to consultations aiming to find out where vital energy is running out, how to organize it in a new way and to be focused consciously on achieving a dream or a goal.

As another activity seminars on Goal and Transformation have already begun. They focus on the role of the target as a key to the development of our lives.

In general, The Amethyst of Merlin`s mission is to give inspiration and courage to people to follow their dreams.
The esoteric knowledge applies, so that it can truly fulfill its purpose - to help us on the way.

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