Over the last thousand years, man has discovered millions of stars, even trying to learn the future - but unable to find the small key in his own being that can make his life an incredible ecstasy.

~ Osho

Make yourselfcome true

What can you write to me about:

  • To ask a question about the consultations on increasing vital energy or about the series of meetings "Goal and Transformation";
  • To book an appointment for a consultation or to register a participation in a seminar;
  • To take advantage of the first free step of the Vital Energy Increasing Method. For more information, see the consultations section.
  • I will be grateful to receive your suggestions for topics that matter to you about the difficulties on the way of your realization in life.
  • Feel free to send me opinions and comments on the activities of The Amethyst of Merlin. How can its concept be more useful to people?

With gratitude and wishing you inspiration and courage on your way,

Ivana Kambusheva - consultant on managing and focusing the vital energy

mobile tel. +(359) 889 245 667



e-mail: razgovori@svetovete.com; niesme@svetovete.com

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