The three amethysts and the desire of the King

Do you remember the last time you read a fairy tale? Just like that or to remember something forgotten in you? I found out that fairy tales not only entertain us, but also remind us of the Worlds we hold within us. This story is about a King who is very wise in his rule, but has an unsatisfied desire that he cannot resist. The price he has to pay for it is impossible, but he still welcomes it with dignity. Because there were once such Kings and such Kingdoms. His country is known in the world as the Land of Peace and Understanding. He himself is not aware of this, until one day he chooses to stay true to his desire ...

Consultations on good vital energy

The consultations on increasing vital energy aim to increase the ability to manage our vital forces and energy.
When a person is in a state of good vital energy, he sees clearly, has his purpose, and manages his energy consciously; he believes in himself, knows what he wants, comes from ethics and morality, wants to help others and himself. Moving through the six steps of the method involves awakening of the consciousness. Awakened consciousness needs focusing on an important life goal around which our development is taking place. This is a process that takes some time and is often associated with the need to change yourself. The change is related to a new state of awareness that allows the full use of vital forces and energy. The method is simple and accessible to anyone who needs to work on their realization in a life or professional field.

Energy and individuality

What does the energy have to do with the personal improvement?
Perhaps some of you have already asked a question about the ability of a person to realize his ideas, to find satisfaction in his activities, and even to be useful to others: On what does this ability depend? Some people look as if their energy is inexhaustible, and others barely endure to leave.
The common between the energy and the personal improvement is when we learn to manage our vital energy, so that it serves us to realize our most important goals. The management of the vital energy, requires a state of awaken consciousness or awareness of what I do every day and what I do with my efforts. Without changing yourself, you cannot change your life. The word lucky is used by people who rely on outside circumstances rather than on themselves. To achieve the goal, luck is not a sufficient condition at all. We should rely on our own vital forces such as imagination, faith, clearly focused consciousness, intuition. Good culture for our vital energy is a result of a personal development and improvement.

events and seminars

About the series of seminars on Goal and Transformation. For people looking for ways to their own development.

When does the leading goal in life become clear?

When we clear our minds from everything that is superfluous. And it's not just the past, but mostly current habits such as watching TV, hanging out in bars, frequent conversations about things we do not care about. The first part of life is easier because there is time ahead. And are we preparing for the second part of life?

What happens to a person who has not set a goal? Work for someone`s goal. It's understandable about the first part of life, but do you really want this for the second part too?

Now about more difficult topic - the transformation.
You have hardly ever associated yourself with the word transformation. This is the way of changes for our good, but it is not easy and is time-consuming. And time in the second part of our lives is still not enough. According to spiritual laws there are no empty periods, ie. a person begins something new when he is ready, the whole previous experience could be useful. So, each of you is right now where he should be. The question is - is this the situation in which you want to complete your life?

I make these seminars for all people who are looking for ways to their personal development and realization, especially in the professional field.

10 March

Goal and Transformation 2023

The role of the target as a key to the development in our lives

We read everywhere the message Follow your heart! or Go on the road to realize your dream and do it right away! Both sound beautiful and tempting, but nobody tells the truth that this is actually the hardest thing to do in the world. Why do I think it's difficult? Well, because becoming the person you dream of and having the life you want requires the maximum of your skills, inner strength, spiritual resistances and development of new qualities. The way of self-realization is a long process. This is the way to change and going through it you have rises and falls and I would say with the full range of human emotions.

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The common between personal development and the concept of HIGH VITAL ENERGY

About vocation and how to find it

We all learn together how to live and succeed. Our dreams deserve impulse and inspiration to be experienced and realized. I know that the fear of change has to be overcome. It is time to take back our faith into the voice of our intuition or heart. I know that the periods of rises and falls on the way are confusing to many people. But there is a reason for everything, because everything around prepares us for the personality we dream to be.

I strongly believe that my articles will be useful to you. In them I pay attention to the forces inside of every person - imagination, faith, consciousness, intuition.

My actual idea is - in times of discouragement people to open them, something to inspire them again and they do not give up their dreams.

This is precisely the place of my favourite thought of the Master about faith:

The whole Earth to overturn, you must have the belief that the world in which you live is upright and you cannot encounter anything to break your connection with life.
There is no power in the world that can deviate you from the way except you by yourself.
The Master Peter Deunov

And another of the great poet William Blake about the creator or human imagination:

In your own bosom you bear your heaven and earth,

And all you behold, though it appears without,

It is within, in your imagination,

Of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.

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