You see, energy is just energy. It is in a neutral state until it is loaded or polarized and is not brought into reality.

~ through Jeffrey and Linda Hoppe

let's say more aboutenergy

Energy is everywhere around us - every day we reach the energy of the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, the whole nature.

And the energy of love of our loved ones. However, in our everyday life we ​​have to meet another type of energy - that of fear, anger, despair, envy.

If the conductor - our consciousness - does not do its job well, all these energies will overwhelm us like an avalanche in the mountain. We will not be able to work with them in our favor in order to play a beautiful symphony, that is, to live the life we ​​want.

The harmony between heart and reason is a conductor who makes energies work, so that they can create a beautiful music.

Working with energies seems impossible when the "orchestra" does not know what to play. The conductor is the one who sets the goal - to reproduce some specific music. Such is the task of our consciousness, it puts in work the heart and the mind together in order to help us achieve our goal.

Imagine for a moment that you have no purpose in your life. Then what will the conductor's work be, with other words - what will be the job of your consciousness then? Where will it take you? Reproduction of a beautiful music is simply impossible.

That is why it is so important for us to learn to work with Energy in our favor.
Our assistant in this endeavor - the pure consciousness - serves our lives. However, to be able to do the job, it must be focused, that is, there is a goal. When the goal comes from ethics and morality, the conductor receives a blessing from Above and the music becomes beautiful.

In my sincere desire to be useful in this direction, I have developed a Six Step Method for Clearing and Focusing of the human consciousness. The method is simple and accessible. It can be applied by anyone looking for a path to their realization.

The moment to begin is now.

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