A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.

~ Albert Einstein

How to find my vocation

I have heard some people asking the following question: How to get a direction in order to orientate myself to my vocation?

Do not think I have always known the answer concerning me. It came with the time. And regarding the direction - it is from outside inward and from inside outward. The both ways are equally important for that - a person to discover himself.

What does it mean from outside inward? These are provocations, signs and messages from the outside world to you which awaken you to think of a certain problem.

What does it mean from inside outward? These are ideas which start to visit me concerning this problem so, how can I participate in solving it outside?

At first we do not pay attention to this process which runs in both directions. But after some time, it becomes a part of our everyday life, and even when you read a menu in a beautiful restaurant, it occurs to slow down with the menu selection because you have again received a sign which just engages your thoughts on the certain problem.

That's how it all begins. And it is so prosaic. No one will take you by the hand and bring you to a place where you can see your goal. Just do not censor the flow of your thoughts, where do they lead you? Turn off all distractions like TV, media, social networks, and give yourself time to communicate with yourself.
Imagine yourself as a person who gets up in the morning and just knows where he goes. And this place is such that it is the right place, there you are doing the things you would like to do, in fact you have always wanted to do them. And this activity is useful because it solves a certain problem which is important to you, and you have ideas you want to express in order to be of benefit to all.

What is this problem which is worth your efforts every day? Solving the problem is your vocation. The vocation is not something that is just a pleasure. On the contrary, it is related to obstacles and difficulties but they will just be worth your efforts.
So, what is this thing that will be worth your efforts every day?

I do not believe a person who says he has never thought about the following - what would he like his work, ideas, efforts every day to go for. The reluctance to admit the answer to us is mostly related to our fears. In order to see himself overcome these fears, a man will first go through the so-called transformation.Transformation of the personality is a prosaic process that simply expands our vision of ourselves. Keep in mind that nobody but you is interested in getting you through it. For anyone you work right now, the convenient case is that you are there for his purpose. Who is the person who will think about your purpose?I only think of one and that's you.

Do not underestimate your desires, flashes, and ideas by letting them compete with the TV news.
If you do not begin to think about your development, you will find in some time that no one else is interested in doing it. Start taking care of yourself a little every day. Clarifying your professional goal is a process in which you are the only one interested person.

I wrote all these lines, not only because I had an inner impulse to do it, but because I know what the needs of people of my age are. We want to work every day, but in some years we would like to have created something useful, to have realized some ideas, to have contributed in some way to the general development, while developing ourselves.

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Ivana Kambusheva

Founder of The Amethyst of Merlin

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