And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

from The Little Prince

~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What gives us the state ofhigh vital energy

In this article I will explain why it is so important to live in a state of high vital energy. We will meet this notion more and more frequently because it is the key to the transformation, the change which we want.

In order to understand it, first, you have to imagine its opposite state - a state of low vital energy. In a state of low energy, a man has no power for a change, he moves in inertia, he does the things he needs without thinking and without considering - is that good for me? He does not see a clear direction, a goal, he has no idea what's ahead, just letting it be driven by external factors. Time passes, he is unable to manage his time and energy resources, or he thinks he manages them well, but he still has a feeling of dissatisfaction.

The state of high energy allows you to take control of Your time and Your energy resources, which are not limitless, because a person is not eternal on the Earth.

In order to deploy his vital potential, a man needs to increase the level of his vital energy. In order to have strength, inspiration, impulse, he has to handle all the resources of his own vital energy. Without being in a state of high energy, he cannot be himself at 100%. Only when you are at the highest level of your energy, you are able to express yourself without censorship.

Everything in the surrounding world serves you and your development. You will only be able to understand it if you are in a high energy state, in a state of clear vision of things. All people and situations are actually preparing you for the realization of yourself.

Allow yourself for a moment to imagine that you are in the state of your highest vital energy. Will you be there where you are now? Will you deal with what you are doing right now? Is that how you look?
Do you take in consideration every day of your life - in what state is your vital energy today? If it is not at the right level, why it is not? If it is at the right level, what has given you impulse, inspiration?

Give yourself time to watch yourself.
Is there anything more important than you and your potential?

Wishing you to discover new vital strength,
Ivana Kambusheva
Founder of The Amethyst of Merlin

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