The dreams that we`re dreaming have time to come true.

~ Michael Jackson

The desireof the King

Once upon a time there was a King living in a beautiful and peaceful country far away from here. His palace was a true masterpiece of the local architecture, and the King himself was one of the most beautiful men in the Kingdom. All the women were in love with him, or at least wanted to be his wife. The girls in the Kingdom were lovely and good at heart, but the King was not in a hurry to get married. He dreamed in secret to see the World. He eagerly asked his guests from abroad about their distant lands, and his heart sank at the thought that he would hardly ever be able to visit them. The King had sworn to his father not to leave the Kingdom. He did not understand the meaning of this promise, but he kept it every day.

Once the King was visited by the Magician from a respected country. He was known for being able to fulfill impossible desires, but at an impossible price. The King was bored with life in the palace. He turned to the Magician with a deep request to help him leave the Kingdom, to travel for a while and then, to come back. The Magician immediately realized that the King would make a mistake, the Kingdom should not be left without a King. He told him:

- Dear King, we all have heard from afar that you are a good politician, that you rule your Kingdom wisely, and that all of your citizens are content. Why do you want to leave your people alone? Who will replace you while you are abroad? Besides, you are putting at risk your respected name by breaking your promise to your father.

- How do you know about this promise?

- I know quite well why your father requires this and you have to trust him!

- And what about my inner voice that tells me *go to see the World*! What will happen if I ignore it, won't I lose myself?

- You belong to your Kingdom. In fact, you are the Kingdom, because it depends on you. You know how to solve all the problems of your people, that's why they love you. If you are not there, who will help them?

- People will be doing well without me for a few months, our neighbors are good, they are not expected to attack us.

- How strong is your desire to see the World outside the Kingdom? Is it stronger than to marry a beautiful girl?

- Yes, it is much stronger!

- Well then, I will offer you an option, but the price for it will be impossible, and you will be obliged to pay it to me as soon as you come back home after your trip.

- I agree. What is the price?

- I can't say it now, you will realize it at the end.

- But, this is…

- You are the King and your desire is impossible. You must be ready to do anything for it, if you insist so much to help you. So, are you ready for anything?

The King fell silent. He tried to imagine what this impossible price might be and whether he would be able to pay it.

- All right, I agree with everything, as long as the deal excludes the option to give you my Kingdom as a gift.

- You will not be obliged to give me your Kingdom, it will still be your possession.

- All right then - the King said - I am ready for anything else to travel for at least three months, so that, this will not hurt my father's honor for breaking my promise to him.

The Magician shook the King`s hand to say goodbye. Before to leave, he explained that from now on the King had to listen to his inner voice, which would give him clear instructions on what to do.

The King understood and thanked deep from his heart, because the Magician would help him to fulfill his innermost dream - to go and travel outside the Kingdom.

The days and the nights began to pass as before - calmly and abundantly. The King was solving problems of the people and the Kingdom, everybody was content, and the girls were dreaming of liking them for a wife.

However, the King was not happy. For the first time in his life his inner voice became silent. He heard nothing. How could he travel if he does not receive the instructions? He felt sad and one night he could not sleep, he walked around the whole palace.

For the first time he felt like in prison! He was terrified of himself not to love his own home, but the desire to see the World did not give him peace. He went to bed tired, sad and lonely.

In the morning the King took a decision that if his inner voice did not speak that day, he would marry a beautiful girl and will live as before.

The day has begun. He was served a rich breakfast and after that had to attend several important meetings. It was already noon. The King remembered that he could ride a little and try to hear his inner voice. His horse was fast and handsome and they rushed freely through the vast steppes of the Kingdom.

The King closed his eyes. He knew every corner of his homeland and he trusted his faithful horse about where it would take him to. The horse was perfectly trained not to cross the borders of the Kingdom.

The King allowed himself to lose track of time for a moment. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw before him a new, unseen World and was amazed! He turned to his horse:

- Have you really authorized yourself to cross the borders of my possessions?

- My Lord, as we were rushing, you leaned your chest on me and your Heart spoke to me. It explained that you had pressed it so much to give you instructions, that the inner voice could not be tangible to you. Because of this, your Heart gave the instructions to me and I followed them. Did I make a mistake?

The King did not know what to say. Then he looked around and thought. Finally he said:

- Thank you for helping me to fulfill my desire. But do you know where we are?

- No. But your Heart told me that *as soon as we meet an amethyst stone on the way, always of the same size and shape, we are in the right place.* We have already passed the first one.

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